Innovative Ideas for IoT projects – Engineering/Diploma Students

Innovative Ideas for IoT projects - Engineering/Diploma Students

Thinking about ideas for IoT projects? Don’t worry, project bot has you covered. Try out our IoT project ideas, and be sure to make a mark and impress anybody that sees it. And why only do so to impress people? Make one for your own benefit and monitor systems such as your own home by making an intruder alarm. Or automate a greenhouse using IoT. Regardless of what it is, you sure can gain quite a few valuable experiences just by making your projects based on IoT

#1: Coming up with Ideas for IoT projects is easier with this Greenhouse Monitoring system.  

Greenhouse Monitoring system

End your search for ideas for IoT projects by making this Greenhouse monitoring system. Read this informative article to find out IoT project ideas based on a Greenhouse monitoring system that is easy to make and would make a good impression on your professor! But firstly, you would need to know the fundamentals of what a Greenhouse actually is. 

What exactly is a Greenhouse?

A greenhouse basically is a structure made up of glass from all sides, including the roof. It is constructed in a manner such that it would prove to be beneficial for the plants that are stored in the greenhouse. It is built to regulate suitable temperatures for growing plants, fruits, and vegetables. Apart from temperature, it directly or indirectly controls and influences humidity, the water content in soil, and sunlight concentration reaching plants. It also helps in reducing potential diseases in plants. 

IOT Greehouse monitoring system

Greenhouse systems require constant maintenance of temperature, humidity, and sunlight so as to ensure the right growth. But a change in this system would prove to be harmful. Only up to a certain extent can the above parameters be varied. For example, if a greenhouse temperature level drops below a fixed temperature of 50 degrees, it would send an alert via a display. 

Now your question might be, how does it know that the temperature fell? Simple. It does so by various sensors and microcontrollers such as Atmega328 or Arduino-based. 

And also, if you create a sustainable and cost-effective design, by adding and modifying a project according to your own knowledge and experience, then this is a very in-demand skill and commodity. Many farmers don’t have the knowledge about sustainable greenhouse ecosystems and if some of them do, they fail to implement them under a budget and end up losing money. So start making one right now! We laid the basis for it, explore more! 

#2: IoT based theft & Alarm system + Smart Home

IoT based theft system

Who wants to have thieves in their house or workplace? With this innovative idea for IoT project, you can outsmart thieves and impress your teacher at the same time.  

This IoT based theft system works to help our home to become smarter and safer. Broadly, what IoT does is integrate many systems together to connect it to one single device, making it easier for the user to track all his operating devices in a single place. In the case of home security, the operating devices are all door locks and window locks, and the single place from which one can track all of them can be a phone. 

When does the Alarm in Home security system go off?

The Alarm can simply go off when sensors are installed and integrated into the automation system, senses motion or if the door opens it sends an intruder alert to your mobile phone

In some VVIP places such as bank safes, even a minute change in temperature can be made out and an alarm triggers accordingly. 

Challenges to a smart home: Looking beyond a Project

However, like all things to this look bright, it’s not as easy and sustainable to actually keep a smart home security system, and it comes with its own challenges. Thinking beyond a project, problems like low and slow internet connections, Bluetooth problems and disturbing microwave frequencies, are some challenges that we still haven’t found a cost-effective solution to. Sometimes, burglars interfere with internet connections for those who know that you have an automated home system. How about you create a sustainable option for the mass market?

#3: Plant Monitoring system

Plant Monitoring system

As the name suggests, this IoT project would be all about plants and their condition. 

What is the use of a Plant Monitoring system?

The factors that affect a plant to survive, i.e amount of sunlight it receives, water levels, moisture in the surroundings etc… is monitored by the IoT system. Every time the system notices a fluctuation in any of the factors, it would give you an alert on your device. The fluctuation is seen by sensors. In this case, we use a soil moisture sensor. 

This project can be easily made as a model and can prove to be very useful to you as well. With small gardens and plants present in almost every household, one can utilise this in their own home and integrate it into the smart home system as well. 

Materials Required –

To make it as a model one can make it by using the NODEMCU ESP 8266, DHT11, relay module, some jump wires and a 12V battery. All of these components can be found at any electronics store easily. 

If you want to make it more functional and do something beyond an IoT project, you can add sensors to the existing model such as level sensor to measure water levels, DHT 11 sensor to measure temperature and humidity. 

Advantages of creating a Plant Monitoring system

Three common advantages of a plant monitoring system are 

  1. Reduced Risk of plant dehydration 

Since the plant monitoring system informs that the plant needs watering to be done, the chances for dehydration reduce drastically. 

  1. Better quality vegetables and fruits grown from plant

Since the plant has the exact and right amount of raw materials and input, with no more or less than required inputs, the plant is bound to grow in an almost perfect manner leading to better quality and healthy by-products.   

  1. Decreased water wastage 

Most of the time, more than required water is poured into the plants pot, that leads to water wastage

  1. Reduced water logging + reduced chances of water-borne diseases

Since the monitoring system would inform the amount of water to be poured, chances of waterlogging would decrease, leading to a decrease in habitat for water-borne diseases such as Cholera, typhoid, and diarrhoea. 

#4: Solar based air purifier 

Solar based air purifier

Check this IoT based project by making a Solar based air purifier 

What is a solar based air purifier?

A solar based air purifier, as the name suggests, is an air purifier that works on the principle of taking and using energy by sunlight. 

With skyrocket high pollution levels in almost every part of the world, combating it has become a difficult process. However, in the meantime until the air pollution is warded off completely, people are resorting to buy a device that cleanses the air inside their household. 

How does a solar based air purifier work;

Solar based products always work on the interconnection of solar panels and sunlight. Solar panels are nowadays a common sight, and thus would have no need to be explained anyway. However, how the solar panel works in the case of air purifiers is something that goes beyond our eyes. 

Regular air purifiers don’t work on this mechanism as there would be no sunlight indoors in the first place. However, to combat air pollution at large scale levels, such as districts, we need bigger air purifiers that suck the PM 2.5 and PM 10 particles and go through further levels of filters to be released into the air. 

The real issue stands here, why do we need to make this solar equipped?

To make this large air purifier sustainable though, is an issue as every large air purifier needs some source of power. To generate the power, the same amount of air pollution is created to actually clean the air. (The air purifier has many components that are needed to create and push out air) Thus, to eliminate the polluted air created, we use solar panels to generate electricity. In a country like ours, we have a lot of unused solar energy that could be used. The best thing is that solar energy is free for all. Only the basic investment is needed, and some maintenance costs over years, but the main fuel is free. 

So these were some of the ideas for IoT projects that you can use to make your project shine. And why only use it for projects, use it in your own day-to-day practices and make your life easier!

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