Wonderful Science Experiments for Kids at Home

Science Experiments for Kids at Home

Science is a subject full of wonders. As students start learning science in school, they get to know about some mind-blowing phenomenons every year. Project Bot has come up with some cool science experiments for school students to make the subject even more interesting. 

Learning with experiments makes the session more interactive and engaging for the students. They get hands-on experience with theories they learn in the classroom. 

Project Bot’s science experiments for kids at home aim to stir up the curiosity within students of different age groups towards science and enhance their knowledge and skills as well.

Best Science Experiments for 4th to 8th Class Students

Science Experiments for 4th to 8th Class Students

Science experiments for class 4 to 8 have been designed and developed by the education experts after proper consideration of the age group and their learning level. We have listed down below some very simple science experiments that can be used by students to learn from the comfort of their homes:

Magnetic Levitation

Magnetic levitation is an incredible concept in the field of science. For this, Project Bot has designed an experiment for 4th to 8th class students. The experiment is designed to demonstrate the properties of a magnet and how wonderfully magnetic fields work.

The magnetic levitation experiment has a very simple setup and very basic objects have been used in it. The experiment will help students in understanding the use of magnetic levitation in real life. 



The Microscope is one of the very simple science experiments that can be offered to kids. To give information about the use of microscopes and how we can see the microscopic organisms through them, Project Bot has designed this experiment. 

The working model of the microscope is made up of basic objects and has a very easy-to-use structure, which makes this microscope experiment appropriate for kids and they can even use it on their own. 


It is a very amazing experience of observing the fascinating patterns that a Kaleidoscope makes inside the box. Kaleidoscope is a science experiment for kids which can come into use for making them familiar with reflection and its properties. 

It can be easily prepared with the help of cardboard, glass, glue, etc. Students can buy a ready-to-use Kaleidoscope from Project Bot and use it for experiments and learning. 

Electrical Conductivity Model 

Electrical Conductivity Model 

The electrical conductivity model is the best science experiment for kids. This experiment aims to give a brief description of electricity, wires, conductors, and everything related to it. 

Project Bot has designed a safe and simple-to-use experiment for kids. The use of led, wires, switches, and the actual working of the model will add a fun element to their learning process. 

Air Pressure Experiments 

Air Pressure Experiments 

Working models are exciting to watch and work with, for kids and air pressure experiments are one of them. These science experiments with water and balloons are designed to inform students about air pressure and how it can be used in our daily lives. 

Through these experiments, students can observe the significance of air pressure, and the differences between low and high pressure with the use of a simple setup of the balloon, water, plastic bottle, and straw. 

Li-Fi Audio Transmission through light 

Li-Fi Audio Transmission through light 

Li-fi audio transmission through light is a fabulous science experiment designed for school students by Project Bot. This experiment is working on a very unique idea in which audio can be controlled by light. 

The whole experiment is designed with the help of simple tools and has a neat and clean setup. Students can easily present this experiment in front of their teachers, or teachers can use it for giving a clear insight into the concept by providing them with a practical demonstration. 

Best Science Experiments for 9th to 12th Class Students

Science Experiments for 9th to 12th Class Students

Science experiments in high school are very crucial to enhance the practical knowledge and skills of the students. Science experiments for class 9 to 12 are designed keeping the cruciality of industrial knowledge in mind. These experiments primarily focus on preparing the students for the industry by assisting them in learning the applications of their knowledge in the practical world. 

Pencil Electrolysis 

Are you still confused with the concept of electrolysis? No worries, Project Bot has designed a very simple science experiment for students on electrolysis. After studying the experimental model, you will be able to answer all the questions related to it.

Basic objects have been used while making this working model of pencil electrolysis. The experiment is very convenient to perform in science school exhibitions as well.

Electroplating Machine 

Electroplating Machine 

The electroplating machine is a science experiment kit for school students. It is one of the most cool experiments to do at home with household items. Students can use this kit to conduct the electroplating experiment. Project Bot has used safe-to-use components while making this kit to ensure the safety of the students. 

The electroplating machine model has the capability of clearing all the doubts of students related to the process of electroplating and how electrodeposition takes place. 

Water Quality Testing Model 

Water Quality Testing Model 

As the name suggests, this is an example of science experiments with water. The basic aim of the model is to test the quality of the water. There is a simple water testing device that works with the help of electrodes to differentiate pure water from impure water. 

Students can get a comprehensive science experiment kit by Project Bot to understand the working of the device better. They can then personally use the model to learn different science concepts like electricity, conductors, electrodes, and more.

Water Density Experiment 

This is one of the simplest science experiments to do at home. Students can learn about the miraculous science of density with the water density experiment. Learning concepts from books can be both exhausting and confusing for students but Project Bot has made learning a fun experience with this cool science experiment kit. 

Students can learn about the properties of water through interesting science experiments with water and be more innovative in the field.


Learning science is not tiresome anymore with super cool science experiments by Project Bot. Besides being handy, safe, and durable, these science experiments kits are easily accessible as well. A student can buy from Project Bot easily and use these science experiments for learning and presentations.

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